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Our ability to promote talent, create captivating commercials, produce intimate wedding stories or scenes and soundtracks for film is only half the story.  We help the talented harness their skillset and build a solid foundation for future successes.  Our goal is to take the brand story to the next level and produce exceptional film content.  ProMotion listens and works closely with clients to help achieve the results you desire.  We love what we do and our focus is on you! 


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Gina Jones, known as "Madame of Music Row" is an extraordinary author who has opened the doors to a world of intrigue and redemption through her gripping literary work. Her book, "Madame of Music Row" offers readers intimate access to the deepest, darkest secrets of a beautiful young woman's life, one marred by a harrowing journey through crime-filled escapades.

In the story of Gina Jones, we find a protagonist whose dreams of music stardom were tragically shattered in the dark and seedy underbelly of society. This poignant narrative delves into the shadows of prostitution, drug trafficking, and even attempted murder, exposing the raw realities of survival in a ruthless world. Gina's journey was one of unimaginable adversity, as she navigated unfathomable abuse, battles illness, and narrowly escaped a tragic ending.

Yet, it is in the face of such overwhelming challenges that Gina Jones finds her strength and resilience. Her story takes a remarkable turn, and the path to redemption reveals itself through her music career. In the end, Gina emerges as a symbol of hope, demonstrating that the power of human determination can overcome even the darkest of circumstances.

Gina Jones's life story, as depicted as the "Madame of Music Row" serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to be defined by their past and choose to rise above adversity. Her journey is an inspiration to all who read her story, demonstrating that it is never too late to find one's true purpose and reclaim a life filled with meaning and success. Gina's experience is a testament to the enduring human capacity for transformation and resilience.

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