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Film Reels

Cinematic Film Productions - on your budget.

ProMotion will help "Set the Stage" with an ever increasing skill set of talented individuals and production capabilities to support many aspects of film production.  We are passionate about helping others with A/V projects, it is what we love to do.  ProMotion can support all phases film production from pre-production activities including securing supporting cast, determining locations, to scene structuring to enhance the storyline and marketing to post-production activities including distribution, hosting red-carpet events, press and publication.  

Our strength and passion is A/V production and supporting post-production activities.  From filming the scenes and blooper reels, lighting, scoring and soundtracks, editing, adding visual effects, color correction and grading, Everything needed to ensure a quality cinematic production. ProMotion has strong capabilities website development and social media boost to get the message out.

ProMotion also helps set the stage with it's "Live From Series" and other video streaming productions with story reveals including writer and actor interviews to increase interest in the upcoming release.  

An Integral Part of Your Team

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